Larissa Peeters

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Google doodle

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Devine Howest
Me, myself and I
Concept, design, motion graphics
Illustrator and After Effects
Google doodle


As a member of the Google motion design team you will receive, besides a large salary and free double espresso shots also the chance to design and animate a new Google Doodle. You choose an event / day in the future that has a meaning for you.


Before I started, I looked up some examples from Google to find inspiration. After doing that, I came up with the idea of ​​doing something around the space. You can use various fun elements for the illustrations (for instance spaceship, moon, planets, Martian, ...). Before the animation was started, the illustrations were first designed so that the whole picture fits together well. Here I chose to keep the illustrations simple with a suitable color palette. Ditto for the animations.

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