Larissa Peeters

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Motion Tracking

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Devine Howest
Me, myself and I
Concept, design, motion tracking, animation
After Effects, Motion tracking
Motion Tracking


Put your creative brain to work and provide an everyday fictional visual and everyday object functional layer. You demonstrate this on the basis of a video demo as if it really worked prototype. Look for a tangible, everyday and banal object. Think about a creative and relevant "next level" extension, in the form of a visual layer on your product. This extension can be functional, but also just playful, absurd or unreal, if at all interactive for the user.


I searched some objects were I can do something creative and special. So I came up with the idea of a watercolor book that explain how to use, examples and were you can learn how you can make beautiful ideas. The concept goes further into the animations and design.

Case movie