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Vertigo: Charlie Chaplin

Vertigo: Charlie Chaplin


For this project we had to create a long read about a director for Vertigo. Vertigo is mainly known by film fanatics. For the project they want a bigger audience and make this audience more acquainted with the fascinating stories that arise alongside the films or the man / woman behind the print. We also had to figure out a fun way to guide the audience through the story of the person behind the picture.


The first step was to get know Charlie Chaplin, who he was, what he did, ... in order to get the right angle for our story. Once we found enough information, we had a rough idea what the structure of our article would be and decided to make storyboards out of it. That's easier for us to visualise our interactive ideas and think more out of the box. We also used Pinterest to visualise everything and made a style -and moodboard.
Even though we didn't need to write the text ourselves (minimum 1500 words), we decided to do it. By reading all about Charlie Chaplin's life, we thought the story would be much more powerful if we'd tell it ourselves. It also allowed us to maintain the same style of writing, which would in turn keep the user's attention.


Vertigo: Charlie Chaplin Vertigo: Charlie Chaplin Vertigo: Charlie Chaplin Vertigo: Charlie Chaplin

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